Arenga Trio - Christmas Sales

Arenga Trio - Christmas Sales

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Wild harvested from the pristine rainforests of Sulawesi, Masarang Forest Sugar is certified organic by the USDA and European Union. It is essentially the sap of the male flower of the Arenga Pinnata crystallised through evaporation by Geothermal Heat. This makes a world of difference to the quality of the sugar as there is no carbon contamination that comes from the burning of wood fuel.

The sugar has a beautiful deep flavour like creamy caramel. It enhances the taste of beverages especially tea, coffee and hot chocolate. In traditional cuisine especially, Masarang Forest Sugar can be an excellent and healthier one-to-one replacement for molasses, brown and black sugar. It particularly excels in baking, imparting a tempting fragrance to cakes and desserts.



  • 100% Organic Certified (Double Organic Certifications: USDA & European Union)
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • 50x more minerals than white sugar
  • 3x more potassium than bananas
  • Nutrient-rich: Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Sodium and Copper
  • Vitamin C and B12
  • A healthy energy booster
  •  Wonderful caramel taste, naturally creamy and fragrant
  • All Natural, 100% Arenga forest sugar, no additives
  • Saves Wildlife and Rainforests
  • Eco-friendly with zero waste and a carbon-neutral footprint
  • Certified Halal

Nutritionally, Masarang Forest Sugar is outstanding with a mineral and nutrient profile that is superior than conventional sugar. So, not only is it valued by those who want better control of blood sugar, it is a nutritious choice for all in the family. An interesting bit of history: In the 1400s, the emperor of China imported the sugar to alleviate his diabetic condition.

Last and not least, what makes Straits Wholefoods sugar truly exceptional is that it is a product of the Masarang Foundation – a big picture and impactful conservation movement founded by Dr Willie Smits. The profits from the sugar funds their rainforest and wildlife conservation efforts, giving a good livelihood to villagers harvesting it from the forests. This is part of the efforts to help villagers see the rainforest and a rich and sustainable resource that should not be burnt down and sold off to businesses hungry for land for monoculture or logging. The Arenga Pinnata tree itself is a miracle tree with high sugar yields and that grow well only among other forest species. Conserving the green lungs of the world is the only way to prevent the decimation of wildlife, greenhouse effect and nearer to home, the haze. Choosing Straits Wholefoods Masarang Forest Sugar means you are saying yes to health and positive impact for the future of our generations.